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Health Testing Instrument

Health Testing Instrument is that monitor their heart rate, pulse rate or other exercise data, and can even use these electronic sensing devices to collect physical indicators, heart rate, blood pressure and other data.
Health Testing Instrument, the development of portable devices has been in full swing in recent years, and more and more products have gradually entered the public life. According to the survey, as early as 2015, the market size of portable medical devices in China has reached 1.19 billion yuan.
Health Testing Instrument should be to carry disease prevention, life style, such as sports health, environmental monitoring, etc.) quantitative guidance, health monitoring and nursing of extension and complementary to each other, both inside and outside the hospital and all kinds of intelligent device connectivity access and Bridges, but at present, the portable medical treatment is still the basic movement monitoring as well as a small amount of health data acquisition and processing of the primary stage.
Health Testing Instrument is how accurate these devices are. Many doctors also question the data on consumer e-health devices. Many consumer devices are merely accurate and reliable information, but do not meet clinical diagnostic criteria or auxiliary markers. You may have access to your health data, but will the attending physician really trust and use it without hesitation?
Health Testing Instrument has many factors affecting the accuracy of measurement. In addition to the precision of the chip used in the equipment, the algorithm of data processing, the structure of the product, the control of errors in the production process, the user's use method and the environment will seriously affect the accuracy of the final measurement.
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