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Sleep and Respiratory Therapy

Sleep and Respiratory Therapy: Aerosol inhalation therapy is a method of treating diseases by inhaling aerosol through the mouth and nose. Inhalant and aerosol conduce to the mucous membrane of respiratory tract discharge secretions, pus and pathogenic bacteria, and have the effect of stimulating respiratory tract itself to clean. In asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cystic fibrosis, alveolar protein deposition and bronchopneumonia and other diseases, inhalation of a certain spray (aerosol), can relieve bronchospasm, reduce mucosal edema and liquefied bronchial secretions, promote the control of bronchial inflammation process and improvement of ventilation function.

Sleep and Respiratory Therapy refers to the use of sleeping pills or electric sleep machine to induce sleep or prolong sleep time to treat diseases, used for the treatment of neurosis. Falling under the category of soul medicine, sleep therapy improves brain function and promotes healing.
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