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Drug of Abuse Tests

Drug of Abuse Tests is a form of testing in medicine. Including routine urine analysis, urine visible components detection (such as urine red blood cells, white blood cells, etc.), protein components quantitative determination, urine enzyme determination, etc. Urine examination is very important for clinical diagnosis, curative effect and prognosis.

Different Drug of Abuse Tests items, urine specimen collection requirements and treatment are also different. All urine specimens should be collected in a clean container; In principle, the mid-stream urine of the first urine after getting up in the morning (morning urine) can also be collected, and the mid-stream urine of random urine can also be collected. The specimens of morning urine are also suitable for the examination of other urine items (except the 24 h urine examination items). For the determination of renal tubule concentration and dilution function, urination was performed after 12 h of water restriction and fasting, and urine was collected at the 13th h for detection. Liquid paraffin was added into the urine container in advance to measure the acidification function of renal tubules. Before collecting urine samples for 24 h, preservatives should be added to the container or the container should be placed in a 4℃ environment.

Some special conditions should be paid attention to when Drug of Abuse Tests are taken:
① Female patients should avoid taking urine specimens during menstruation;
② No urine examination should be performed on gross hematuria specimens (except urine sediment);
(3) If the medication affects the urine test, the specimen should be collected after discontinuing the medication;
④ If it is chyluria, the patient should be instructed to collect the urine after it is clarified.
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