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Incontinence and Health Care

Incontinence and Health Care is an applied science, divided into home nursing and paid nursing. Nursing must be paid in accordance with the ministry of health, national WeiJianWei, the department of medical administration under the relevant provisions of laws and regulations to carry out corresponding nursing program, organized and purposeful, planned to complete the foundation or routine nursing care, observation to understand the patient body weight basis, according to the data, or obtain disease monitoring condition changes to match the doctor completed treatment for the patient, Strengthen infusion inspection and education, timely treatment of medical disputes, to prevent the occurrence of medical accidents. Vital signs of critical patients are monitored, specimens are collected, weight and nutrition are collected and analyzed regularly, and patients' daily life, daily activities, medication and safety are taken care of from physiological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual aspects. If myocardial infarction patient can be shown: physiological -- pain, frowsty chest, shortness of breath; Psychological - fear, fear; Ideological and cultural - degree of self-knowledge and understanding of disease knowledge; Spiritual - is valued and respected by nurses and doctors.
Because the psychosomatic disease treatment and outcome and psychosocial factors are more closely, the patient's emotional state and psychological changes directly affect the disease treatment effect and rehabilitation degree, therefore, psychosomatic disease psychological nursing is particularly important. The main objectives of Incontinence and Health Care are:
1. Relieve patients of the disease of tension, anxiety, pessimism, depression and other emotions, enhance the confidence to overcome the disease.
2. Correct and timely health education helps patients adapt to new roles and inpatient environment as soon as possible.
3. Help patients establish new interpersonal relationships, especially doctor-patient relationships, to adapt to the new social environment.
When a person becomes ill, his or her role in society changes. As a result of the sudden role of the patient as well as the change of living environment, interpersonal relationship, the patient is often difficult to adapt to a sudden, there will be some psychological problems, which requires psychological nursing, to help the patient to create the best psychological state conducive to treatment and rehabilitation. Psychological nursing is not only conducive to patient rehabilitation, but also through the implementation of the patient's overall nursing, improve the nursing effect. Also beneficial to improve the clinical treatment effect, so that patients recover soon.
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