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Tropical Infectious Dieases Tests

Tropical Infectious Dieases Tests are caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, worms and other pathogens that seriously harm human health. Due to the lack of data on the prevalence of the disease, which is associated with poverty and isolation, the lack of financial support has led to its neglect. To reduce the burden of these diseases, we need to focus on the multi-dimensional aspects of disease eradication programmes, disease diagnosis, drug management, vector and epidemiological investigations, of which the most important is the diagnosis of these diseases. 
Tropical Infectious Dieases Tests often lacks specific symptoms and signs, early and rapid diagnosis is all the more important. At present, the lack of convenient and effective diagnostic methods is one of the neglected factors. And lead to the economic losses caused by the underestimation. Since the WHO 2020 Plan for the Elimination of neglected Tropical Diseases was published, the economic burden of addressing febrile diseases highlights the importance of rapid detection and screening technologies and promotes their development and application. In the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases, the priority is to develop sensitive and effective diagnostic techniques, and to achieve quality control and adequate supply of various medical institutions to better diagnose, control and eliminate these diseases. 
Tropical Infectious Dieases Tests,in this paper, the research in recent years the etiology, immunology, molecular biology, diagnosis of microfluidic and biosensor technology was summarized, and the detection method has convenient operation, stable and reliable, specific and high sensitivity, and is suitable for on-site detection, etc, but the method in the field application effectiveness between criminal investigation and procuratorial work still needs further evaluation.
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