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Physiotherapy Apparatus

Physiotherapy Apparatus, short for Physiotherapy, is a device that combines physical factors into the body to make it better. It is suited for use in homes and offices.
Physiotherapy Apparatus’s common physical factors include "electricity, sound, light, magnetism, water, pressure, etc. In contrast to drug therapy, physical therapy is relatively safe and environmentally friendly. But different from drug therapy, the effect of physical therapy is still very effective for some diseases, such as improving blood circulation to improve the function of human organs or improve the state of local tissues of the body is very effective.
Physiotherapy Apparatus is used physical therapy device is probably a thermotherapy device. The direct result of hyperthermia is to cause blood vessel dilation in local tissues of the human body, strengthen blood flow, open up clogged capillaries, and increase blood perfusion to human tissues. The efficacy of this kind of instrument is directly related to the improvement of the metabolism of tissue cells under the condition of improved blood circulation. So the improvement of blood circulation is directly related to the curative effect. The most common hyperthermia devices are short wave and ultra-short wave, microwave and infrared therapy.
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