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Wound Care Dressing

Wound Care Dressing is a material used to cover a sore, wound, or other injury. The types of wound dressings are: 

1. Passive dressings (traditional dressings) passively cover the wound and absorb exudate, providing limited protection. 2. Interactive dressing. There are various forms of interaction between dressing and wound surface, such as absorbing exudate and toxic substances, allowing gas exchange, thus creating an ideal environment for healing; Barrier outer structure, prevent microbial invasion in the environment, prevent wound cross infection, etc. 

3. Bioactive dressing (airtight dressing).

It is difficult to say which Wound Care Dressing is most appropriate for a wound, and even if a dressing has been proven to be effective for such a wound, it may not be suitable for all patients. Therefore, it is the most reasonable to select dressings with the safest, most effective, simple to use and high potency ratio through dynamic selection of dressings and combined application. There are many products to choose from, and new products are constantly introduced. The wound condition should be evaluated accurately, and the economical, simple and practical wound coverings should be selected to promote wound healing. Of course, the criteria for an ideal dressing are relative. With the development and progress of society, the requirements for dressings will become higher and higher.
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