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Operating Room Equipment

Operating Room Equipment is a device to provide surgery and rescue for patients, and is an important technical department of the hospital. The operating room should be connected with the surgical department, but also with the blood bank, care room, anesthesia resuscitation room, etc. Pay close attention to the management of four ways of incision infection, namely: operating room air; Articles needed for surgery; Doctors and nurses' fingers and patients' skin to prevent infection and ensure the success rate of surgery. Requirements reasonable design, complete equipment, nurses work sensitive, fast, some work efficiency. The operating room should have a set of strict and reasonable rules and regulations and aseptic operation standards. With the rapid development of surgical technology, the operation room is becoming more and more modernized.
Operating Room Equipment can be divided into the following five categories according to the degree of bacteria or sterility:Need to explain is: according to different specialized subject, operation room can be divided into general, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, brain surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, urinary surgery. Burns, ent and other operating room. Since specialized equipment and instruments are often required for specialized operations, the operating room of specialized operations should be relatively fixed.
Operating Room Equipment also are different, the large bed have surgery (to meet the needs of the various postures), shadowless lamp (necessary) all kinds of surgery, cranes, integrate all kinds of electrical terminals of equipment, divided into anesthesia, cavity mirror, surgery, specific installation position as the case may be), shadowless lamp, top of the tower crane will be installed in the operating room, The operating table is movable; Others include anesthesia machine, ventilator, electric knife, monitor and other small things too numerous to mention.
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