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Daily Life Support

Daily Life Support equipment, as the name implies, is mainly suitable for the family use of medical equipment, it is different from the hospital use of medical equipment, simple operation, small size, easy to carry is its main characteristics. As early as many years ago, many families were equipped with a variety of simple medical equipment, such as thermometer, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, urine and feces care equipment.

These simple Daily Life Support equipment, convenient and practical, especially for some families with chronic diseases is more practical, at any time to observe the patient's situation, timely medical treatment. In recent years, along with the rising of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the health of themselves and their families, the old medical apparatus and instruments, already cannot satisfy the need of some families, all kinds of simple and practical, fully functional new home medical equipment also arises at the historic moment, into a family, become indispensable in people's life supplies. With the development of electronic technology, automatic and semi-automatic electronic household medical instruments, such as electronic blood pressure meter, blood sugar tester, electronic thermometer, bed stool and urine care instrument, have been on the market.
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