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Cardiac Markers Tests

Cardiac Markers Tests of cardiac markers of cardiac markers according to the occurrence and development of cardiovascular disease and the outcome of the process of classification, biological characteristics of nearly 100 kinds of cardiac markers, laboratory inspection method, clinical significance, influence factors and the normal reference range made a description of the system, is a practical guiding value of the reference books, It is worthy of reference for clinical and laboratory workers.
Cardiac Markers Tests is a dynamic process between pathogenic factors and the body's defense-repair mechanism. Cardiac markers only partially reflect cardiac changes and cannot replace currently commonly used laboratory tests (e.g., echocardiography; Left cardiac ejection fraction, etc.). The interpretation of cardiac biomarker detection results should be combined with the pathophysiological changes of patients, so that it becomes an important means to observe the changes of the body. 
Cardiac Markers Tests, moreover, a single cardiac biomarker does not have high sensitivity and specificity at the same time, and the diagnostic coincidence rate is relatively low. Studies have shown that combining multiple cardiac markers can improve diagnostic efficiency. The rational combination of cardiac markers is attracting attention.
Cardiac Markers Tests show that the combined application of cardiac markers is conducive to improving the sensitivity and specificity of the clinical application of cardiac markers, contributing to the early detection of patients with heart disease, contributing to the early diagnosis and treatment of patients, contributing to the monitoring of the disease, contributing to the estimation of the prognosis of patients. Many heart markers are abnormal not only when the heart muscle is damaged, but also in other heart conditions such as heart failure.
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