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Fertility Tests

Fertility Tests refers to the physical check-up that couples go to the hospital for before they are ready to get pregnant, so as to ensure the birth of a healthy baby, so as to achieve healthy birth. Pre-pregnancy examination is different from routine physical examination, mainly for the reproductive system and genetic factors of the examination. Both husband and wife do the pre-pregnancy examination of related items together, is to give the child a lifetime healthy basic guarantee. A healthy baby must first be a combination of healthy sperm and egg, so men should also be examined. The best time for pre-pregnancy examination is 3 to 6 months before pregnancy.

If there are obvious genetic diseases in the family, people will pay attention to this aspect of the examination when giving birth, consciously consult the doctor. However, some parents, like normal people, are carriers of a genetic disease gene. Although they do not have the disease themselves, they are likely to pass it on to the next generation. For example, for children with albinism, his parents are the same as ordinary people, but the child has fair skin, pale hair and other manifestations. Fertility Tests are therefore extremely important
At present, there are thousands of genetic diseases, most of which have no root treatment. Once children with genetic diseases are born, they will be troubled and burdened by their families and society because they cannot be cured completely. Therefore, the Fertility Tests of genetic diseases is important, and various examination methods should be taken to prevent the birth of children with genetic diseases.
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