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Rapid Test Kit

Rapid Test Kit is a box containing chemical reagents to detect chemical components, drug residues, and virus types. General hospitals, pharmaceutical enterprises for use.
When using it, you must buy a special extraction kit according to your own experimental needs. If it is not a special kit, RNA may be extracted, but its quality and integrity cannot be guaranteed. The results of rT-PCR, Northern blot, Dot blot, Real time RT PCR, chip analysis, polyA screening, in vitro translation, RNase protection analysis, molecular cloning and other subsequent experiments were affected.
The price of imported Rapid Test Kit is high, the cost of a single experiment is too high, there is no need to buy the experiment with low accuracy requirements, and the ordering cycle is long (if there is no domestic goods, to be shipped from abroad, will wait for a long time). Ordinary extraction experiment with domestic kit is enough, the price is not high, basically all over the spot, cost-effective.
Of course, in terms of Rapid Test Kit, the extraction effect of the kit is not necessarily very good. In fact, some classical RNA extraction methods, such as TRIZOL, EDTA, etc., are also very good, but the kit is convenient to use, and the classical method is more complex.
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