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Sexually Transmitted Diease Tests

Sexually Transmitted Diease Tests is a group of infectious diseases spread by sexual contact or similar sexual behavior and indirect contact. It is extremely harmful to human beings and poses a serious threat to families and society. It has aroused widespread concern around the world. Therefore, immunodetection of sexually transmitted diseases has become an important test.
Abnormal results of Sexually Transmitted Diease Tests: High titer autoantibodies are often detected in the serum of patients. There were pathological changes related to immune response, and the pathological sites were mainly chronic inflammation with infiltration of lymphocytes and plasma cells. An unknown immune deficiency, characterized by low fever or fever. Or lymphatic enlargement. People who need testing: People suspected of sexually transmitted diseases, and pregnant women generally request testing.
Nucleic acid amplification and immunology are used to detect Sexually Transmitted Diease Tests. The basic principle is to add some luminescent agent or its derivatives to an immune reaction system, under the catalytic action of enzymes to produce luminescence, luminescence intensity to calculate the amount of antigen or antibody to be measured. After adding the luminescence enhancer, the luminescence signal is enhanced, the duration is prolonged, and the measurement method can be repeated, sensitive and accurate.
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