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Digestive Tract Tests

Digestive Tract Tests is to prevent digestive system diseases. In addition to the symptoms and signs of digestive system, the clinical manifestations of digestive system diseases are often accompanied by other systemic or systemic symptoms, some of which are less prominent than those of other systems. Therefore, only by carefully collecting clinical data, including medical history, physical signs, routine tests and other related auxiliary examination results, can we get a correct diagnosis by comprehensive analysis and synthesis.

In order to prevent diseases of digestive system, comprehensive Digestive Tract Tests is very important, first of all, we should pay attention to the general situation of the patient, whether there is jaundice and spider nevus, whether the lymph node on the clavicle is swollen, whether there is varicose vein on the chest and abdominal wall and the direction of blood flow, and whether the heart and lung are abnormal. Abdominal examination should be more in-depth and detailed, abdominal distention, peristaltic wave, mobile dullness, tenderness, rebound pain, abdominal muscle rigidity, vibration water sound, bowel sound; If a mass is found, it is necessary to know its location, depth, size, shape, hardness, surface condition, whether there is mobility, tenderness, pulsation, etc. Examination of the liver and spleen is very important. attention should be paid to size, hardness, edge, surface, and presence of tenderness. Be careful not to mistake fecal masses in sigmoid colon, filled bladder, lordotic spine, abdominal aorta, kidney, and pregnant uterus for masses. In addition, in hypodermic adipose the thin person that lacks, on abdominal wall can show vein, should not make door vein by mistake high pressure; The presence of peristaltic waves in patients with weak and flabby abdominal wall should not be considered as intestinal obstruction. Anal finger examination for digestive tract diseases and elderly patients should be routine and not be ignored.

Digestive Tract Tests including fecal occult blood test and urine three bile test are simple and valuable examination methods. Gastric fluid analysis and duodenal drainage can provide diagnostic basis for gastric and biliary diseases. Liver function checks item much, meaning each different, answer appropriate choice. Cytology is helpful in the diagnosis of esophagus, stomach and colon cancer. The detection of tumor markers, such as AFP, CEA and CA19-9, has some value. Autoantibodies such as anti - mitochondrial antibodies are helpful to the diagnosis of digestive autoimmune diseases.
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